Emergency and Standby Power Education

The emergency power supply systems (EPSS) technician working in today’s health care facility: what does s/he need to know? With the pace of technical advancements and the changing nature of patient care, the technician faces the tough challenge of staying abreast of these changes, as well as ensuring that his or her work meets the standards specific to the health care facility.

MGI’s Healthcare Emergency Power Supply Systems: Maintenance, Testing and Compliance answers the need; this course was developed specifically for facility management and operations personnel who work in health care facilities. This course covers all weekly maintenance and monthly testing procedures for emergency power supply system subsystems such as cooling, lubrication, fuel, and battery charging.

Completing this course will enable your facility to:

  • Prevent CMS, DNV and The Joint Commission repurcussions resulting from failure to follow required protocols
  • Certify that plant personnel have taken an exam on weekly insepctions and monthly testing procedures, including the cooling, lubrication, fuel, and battery charging subsystems
  • Ensure the technician’s safety when performing required tasks
  • Save money on fuel costs and redundant inspections
  • Implement proper training without sending staff off-site
  • Allow personnel to complete training at their own pace

Emergency power can be the lifeblood of every health care facility. Be certain your facility is in compliance with required standards. We can show you how.

Training is available Online.  If you should have any questions regarding our educational programs please email us and someone will contact you promptly.

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